The decade of the new century, the Chinese immigration are more popular. The research has shown that 85% of the rich in China has or have intention to choose to invest in real estate, overseas immigration project. More and more mainland Chinese elite from all walks of life, businessmen through technical or immigration overseas investment channels, to obtain a permanent resident of the other rights or the nationality and the high quality education, clean air, safe food, asset transfers, etc. .

Show advantages:
1. Exhibition has good site& best time, wth more related activities to be the richest feast of the global medical tourism.
2. Multimedia omni-directional advertising, reflect the most striking propaganda effect, combining the Internet and the traditional mainstream media.
3. Professional operating norms. years of experience in holding exhibition, professional leading methods in organizing exhibitors.
4. The new service conception, will provide the exhibitors, people in the global medical tourism with the best quality service.

The 5th Guangzhou International High-end Medical and Overseas Medical exhibition
Date :Nov.25-27.2016
Venue : China Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre

  • “Not only we are able to sell our projects at the expo, there are many people from many parts of the world coming here for network...
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